Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My pencil Sketches..

Hi all,

I have just thought about the idea of bringing all my pencil sketches together on one page and I think my blog is the only place which will satisfy me..

I do pencil Sketches, but my first attempt was Mother Teresa..God only knows why he made me draw her.. but it turned out well.. but not to my satisfaction level..

Then my next attempt was drawing a was an Okay kinda drawing...

The third one was an utter failure and threw that one to the trash. It was Keira Knightley..
I had no one on my way of this journey and I had to fight my boredom.. Drawing was the thing that quenched my thirst of learning new things....

Fourth one was this.. MG.. This time I used Charcoal Pencil. I was in the search of Kneaded Eraser.

Then it went on.. on and on...
Again another one...
Needless to mention, this is Angelina Jolie, Poor Lady.. what to do..

Then I came up with this... I don't know who she is...

The last but not least, this one I started it in Feb 2009 and finished it in August 2009 as I was busy with my new born kid.

As I drew this on a chart, it was small enough to scan..
A few more pics I drew

Need to work on shading!!!

 My one and only, lovely darling Son Sanchit!

This, I drew when I was learning to draw eyes. this one looks easy but was very difficult for me!

This one was my perfect drawing! I was frustrated once for something and I drew this to control myself.
Poor me, didn't select the correct paper though, I drew this on the backside of a calendar sheet!

Updated April 2013:

These are a few sketches I did last year and didnt get time to upload them all!
It is the time to upload it.

This last one is a bride keeping her hand on her hip! Just not to confuse you! ;) 
After a long gap, I did get time and drew this one. Felt accomplished.

After these, I drew more and more. I will update a few here. Because I didn't take pictures of all the drawings.

The above one is Robert Downey Jr. Found a YouTube video of the same drawing done by some pro. I tried the same this is what I got!!!???

The ones above and below are the new attempts on the old ones. though the shading has improved, the picture was totally incomplete and didn't have the patience like before. 

My liking to Owls has increased! Unfortunately I am too busy to have an Owl at home!

Robert Downey Jr 

 Benedict Cumberbatch

First attempt on 3D. BULB! 

Some wierd sketches I tried to copy from the Internet! 

This one is a gift to my sister and yet to be finished! 

In between, I tried drawing a sketch of my sons. this is the outcome! 

In between, I tried my hands on water color sketching got these!